0.3 million euros bitter: one Šiauliai sold fruit from Spain, “forgetting” taxes.

After collecting corroborative data in this pre-trial investigation, suspicion was brought against the manager of a company operating in Šiauliai and selling fruit from Spain. It was found that the head of the company bought fruit for sale in Spain from three companies located in Valencia in 2018-2020, but did not submit the purchase documents to the person responsible for accounting. For more than two years, ML bought more than 13.6 thousand kg of various fruits and other products.

15,500 tenge was allocated to the convict. euro fine.

The court stated that the head of the company sold the purchased products – fruits, nuts, olives, various canned goods – without any accounting documents. Data were collected about the amount of about 300,000 from the sold products. euros are not taken into account. The person who conducted the accounting submitted the partnership declaration based on untrue information and entered incorrect information about the partnership’s income and VAT transactions. In this way, about 52,000 have not been paid to the state. EUR VAT.

The State Tax Inspectorate applied to the court with a civil claim for compensation of the property damage caused to the state budget (about 52 thousand euros), the defendant paid this amount and compensated the damage caused during the pre-trial investigation.

With the verdict of July 26 of the current year, Šiauliai District Court L. Mindaugas was found guilty under Article 222 (“False management and/or organization of financial statements”) and Article 220 (“Presentation of incorrect information on income, profit”). or property”) Part 2 of the CC.

15,500 tenge was allocated to the convict. euro fine, which must be paid to the account of the territorial tax inspectorate within three years from the date of entry into legal force of the court verdict.

The pre-trial investigation was organized and supervised by the prosecutor of the criminal prosecution department of the Šiauliai district prosecutor’s office, Asta Mickyavichyute. The investigation was conducted by employees of the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT) of the Šiauliai and Panevezys district administration.
The verdict can be appealed to the Court of Appeal of Lithuania through the Šiauliai District Court within 20 days.

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