12 Spring Salad Recipes: Perfect as a Main Course | Food

How to produce

1. While the grill (or oven) is heating, prepare the kefir sauce: mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, add salt, pepper and beat until you get a smooth creamy green mass (preferably crushed with a small electric chopper).

2. When the grill grate is well heated (about 200-210 degrees), spread a quarter of the bell pepper and the corn kernels with 2 tablespoons of oil, place on the grill, turning occasionally, and cook until golden brown. roasted bell pepper.

3. Cut the halloumi cheese into strips and grease both sides with the remaining oil. Place on grill grates and grill briefly until cheese is heated through and lightly browned.

4. With a sharp knife, cut the corn kernels from the cobs (hold the cob perpendicular to the cutting board, run the knife from top to bottom along the hard stem of the cob from 4 sides), divide the corn into plates. .

5. Peppers can be cut into thin strips and divided into serving plates.

6. Add a handful of lettuce and a few pieces of fried food halloumi cheese, a few strips of avocado, sprinkle with kefir sauce and sprinkle with jalapeƱo pepper, salt and cracked black pepper.

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