5 unconventional recipes: Swiss potato pancakes, Italian gnocchi and potato dessert

“Potatoes have been at the top of the list of most popular vegetables for many years. We offer the widest variety of potatoes to offer our customers the widest possible range. However, looking at the sales data, we see that buyers love Lithuanian potatoes, and interest in sweet potatoes is growing, which is also often included in buyers’ baskets,” says V. Budriene.

Loved all over the world

Yolanta Sabaitienje, an employee of the fruit and vegetable department of the “Iki” trade chain, says that potatoes are not only a vegetable that is admired in Lithuania. Almost every country has a traditional or very popular potato dish.

“Potatoes are loved not only in Europe, but also in South and North America, Asia. For example, potato dishes are very popular in Canada poutine is a slightly improved version of french fries. Potatoes are often cooked with cheese, meat, vegetables and served with a traditional sauce. Another similar dish is highly valued in Chile and is called horrillana. In this country, fried potatoes are served with eggs, fried sausage and onions. And, for example, the Danes have their own traditional version of mashed potatoes brandende kærlighdeit differs from the Lithuanian one in that it is served with fried bacon, onions and a special sauce,” says J. Sabaitiene.

Italians are proud of their potato casserole – Gnocchi, they are served with a variety of sauces, from bacon to traditional tomato or different cheeses. And Koreans have their own version of potato pancakes Gamja John, unlike Eastern Europe, it is served with soy and vinegar sauce instead of sour cream. Vegetarian spinach and potato curry is popular in India saag alooit is traditionally served with rice.

Potato desserts and other interesting facts

It may sound strange, but potatoes are perfect for preparing a variety of savory and sweet dishes, especially chocolate desserts. It is true that sweet potatoes, which are more popular among Lithuanians, are not usually used in desserts.

“Many vegetables, including sweet potatoes, have a naturally sweet flavor that makes them great for desserts. In addition, vegetable desserts are not only tasty, but also suitable for those who are trying to eat healthy, but love sweets very much. “Pumpkin, avocado and beetroot are also very suitable for desserts, and sweet potatoes go well with chocolate, so they are often used in the production of brownies,” says J. Sabaitienne.

However, potatoes are an excellent ingredient not only for cooking different dishes, but also for making natural cosmetics or even cleaning the house. For example, grated potato mixed with water is used as a face mask. Potatoes prepared in this way should be kept on the face for half an hour. After this procedure, the facial skin will be bright and moisturized. Another unexpected way to use potatoes is to clean them from rust or silver. All you have to do is peel the potato, cut it in half, and use it to wipe dirty surfaces. J. Sabaitienė shares five unexpected potato dishes that you can easily make at home.

Potato dumplings in tomato sauce

You will need:

600 g of potatoes “Vineta”

100 g of flour

1 egg

200 g of plum tomatoes

400 g of canned tomatoes

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

50 g of fresh spinach leaves

1st century dried basil

1st century dried thyme

A pinch of salt

A pinch of pepper

A drop of olive oil

We produce:

Boil potatoes with skin, peel and mash. Mix flour, salt, pepper, egg and knead the dough (if it is too soft, add more flour). Divide the dough into 3-4 parts, make a thread from each part, cut it into 3-4 cm long pieces, and wrap each part with floured hands. Cook the dumplings in salted water until they rise to the surface. Heat olive oil in a pan and fry chopped onion and garlic for 3 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes, canned tomatoes, spices, mix everything and boil for 10 minutes. Add spinach and rolls, fry for another 1-2 minutes and serve.

On the way to Switzerland: potato pancakes with cheese

You will need:

1 kg of potatoes “Laura”

200 g of fermented cheese

30 ml of olive oil

30 g butter

6 years box

1st century dried thyme

1st century dried parsley

1st century Herbs of Provence

A pinch of salt

A pinch of pepper

We produce:

Wash the potatoes and boil them for a short time, about 5 minutes. Leave to cool completely, peel, grate the beetroot, season with spices and mix. Heat half of the indicated oil and butter in a large pan, add half of the grated cheese and spread evenly in the pan. Sprinkle the top with grated cheese, pour the remaining potato mass and bake for about 10 minutes until the bottom is firm. Cover the pan with a wooden board and flip it quickly so that the pancake rests on the board. Add the remaining butter and oil to the pan. Put the pancake back in the pan and cook the other side for another 10 minutes. Wait for the pancakes to pass, sit down at the table and taste the pancake pieces with a box, share with the family.

Potato salad with homemade pesto sauce

You will need:

1 kg of potatoes Soraya

30 g of fresh basil

45 g of cedar nuts

50 g Parmesan

1 clove of garlic

Zest of half a lemon (grated)

2 c. sh. mayonnaise

60 ml of olive oil

A pinch of fine table salt

A pinch of black pepper

We produce:

Wash the potatoes, cut them in half and boil them in salted water for about 35 minutes – until soft. In an electric blender, add basil leaves, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, salt and pepper, add oil. Mix everything until smooth. Drain the boiled potatoes, cover them with pesto sauce, mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated lemon peel and black pepper. Sprinkle with pine nuts, if desired. Mix everything and enjoy!

Traditional fried potatoes with fennel

You will need:

6 Potato grapes

10 ml of olive oil

1 year dried rosemary

1 year dried thyme

1 year parsley

1 year cumin

5 g of fresh (or frozen) dill

A pinch of salt

We produce:

Peel, wash and cut the potatoes into the desired shape (cubes, slices, straws). Soak the cut potatoes in cold water for 20 minutes and dry well. Heat the oil in a pan, melt the butter and add the dry spices. Stir until the herbs are fragrant, add the potatoes and cook, stirring constantly, until they are golden brown. Season the cooked potatoes with a pinch of salt, cumin and chopped dill. Enjoy with your favorite sauce or serve as a side dish with meat.

Chocolate with sweet potatoes

You will need:

2 medium sweet potatoes

300 g of nut butter

120 g of buckwheat honey

70 g of cocoa powder

30 g of dark chocolate

We produce:

Heat the oven to 180 degrees°C. Wash the sweet potatoes, pierce the surface of each with a fork and heat them in the microwave for 5-7 minutes with a cup of water inside. If the potatoes do not soften, heat for another 5-10 minutes. When soft, remove the skin and mash the flesh with a fork. Mix walnut oil with melted honey in a bowl. Mix the sweet potato puree and cocoa powder. Add the chocolate pieces and mix everything again. Put the prepared mass on a tray lined with baking paper and bake the chocolate in a preheated oven for 3-40 minutes. Do not eat immediately – let the chocolate cool and harden. Tasty!

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