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Chefs Jonas Jonass and Vilius Blauzdavičius and Vilkmerges brewer Vidmantas Chichelis reviewed the current hamburger trends in a press release.

1. Choose a classic or children’s size

Burgers can be the most diverse: from the size of a plate, from long but narrow, from low and wide to miniature or one bite – everyone chooses according to their taste. However, chef J. According to Jonush, the classic size remains the most popular: “Standard hamburgers are mostly eaten, but smaller ones are also popular – the so-called children’s size.” Adults are chosen by those who want entertainment – for them it is a kind of challenge that gives good emotions. And restaurants are putting smaller burgers on the menu because it’s easier to eat. Instead of single-bite sandwiches, it can be seen at various celebrations, even weddings.”

2. I liked the addition of minced meat

In recent years, ground meat has received more attention, and hamburgers are no exception. The classic hamburger is still served on a quality beef patty, but more and more restaurants and cafes are offering it with ground turkey, chicken, pork or beef. This method of preparing meat takes a lot of time, but it is already perfectly integrated into fast food culture.

“Very tasty hamburgers with cheese. Recently, after a gap of several years, I had the opportunity to try such a perfectly prepared hamburger. It’s great that minced meat remains popular and there are still people who are surprised because it’s not the easiest way to prepare it. There are several nuances here – the meat should not be dry, and other hamburger ingredients should be chosen correctly so that the taste is balanced,” says chef J. Yonusas.

3. Non-traditional buns are interesting, but classics are preferred

Although black buns have recently appeared in some shopping centers, it seems that the trend of colorful food, which spread abroad a few years ago, has not yet reached the hearts of Lithuanians. Even healthy, potato or square buns have not overshadowed the beloved classic, the soft, fluffy brioche bun still remains the most popular.

4. Among the most popular side dishes are potatoes and caramelized onions

“Viking Chef” chef V. Blauzdavicius says not to experiment too much with the side dishes that come with hamburgers, and Lithuanians here remain conservative and usually opt for the classic option – fries. True, they come in different ways: sweet, fried, cut lengthwise or into slices.

Lithuanians do not forget about sauces either – they almost always choose the most diverse ones, for example, classic, spicy, “barbecue” or mild. Locals are also accustomed to caramelized onions, which go very well with hamburgers.

5. Classical duets

When a side dish isn’t enough for hamburgers, many people opt for complimentary drinks. According to Vilkmergės beer sommelier Vidmantas Čičelis, not only the beef burger remains a classic, but also its beer pairing.

“Not everyone needs to be a top-level expert to choose the most suitable drinks, it’s important not to overdo it, and Lithuanians know this. They love fatty spicy drinks, soft and light drinks with poultry burgers. Although they are very conservative, Lithuanians often decide to try different flavor combinations,” the beer sommelier ponders.

6. Produces at home

Hamburgers are eaten not only as a quick snack during lunch in a cafe or a delicious dinner in a restaurant. Lithuanians are experimenting with cooking at home, especially at summer picnics. Especially today, there is no shortage of recipes and high-quality products. Beginners choose classic hamburgers, because they are not so difficult to prepare, and enthusiasts are not afraid to experiment and even make hamburgers from venison.

Here are some great burger recipes for you:

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