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Biruta, who has become the oldest blogger in Lithuania, is asked how he feels about such a “title” and laughs with a wave of his hand and says “nonsense”.

“Okay, who persuaded me to make movies better than my grandson?” My grandmother would not have come up with it herself,” laughs Biruta with her grandson Rom. Youtube Create a recipe channel Rome and Mo.

There was no special preparation, we had time, and I thought why not film my grandmother’s experience in the kitchen.

Roma adds that he shot the first video on how to make black without much thought.

“There was no special preparation, we had time and I thought why not capture my grandmother’s experience in the kitchen. I asked her to make fried chicken, so we wanted to kill two birds with one stone – we shared the recipe and had a delicious meal. Later, everything developed more and more, so today we have about 15 thousand followers Youtube on the channel,” recalls R. Gauchas, he not only works creatively with his grandmother, but also engages in several extra activities. He works as a math teacher, e-shop, film maker, photographer and computer specialist.

My grandmother’s favorite cuisine is Lithuanian food

When asked about their first experiences when they started sharing recipes online, Roma says that initially they had very few followers.

“However, everything changed when news portals noticed us and started sharing our stories and recipes – and then the interest really increased. During that time, that is, since 2017, when we started creating, we participated in many shows, gave many interviews, and published a book,” says R. Gauchas.

Mrs. Biruta and her grandson Rom noted that they like Lithuanian food the most, so it is not surprising that grandmother’s recipes were recently included in a book called “Grandma’s Recipes”.

“When I started filming, I decided to record all the recipes at the same time. I thought we were close to publishing the book. I made the electronic version myself and wrote to various publishers with a proposal. That’s how it all turned out, last summer my grandmother made a mountain of dishes at once, like even 24, to photograph them in the book,” laughs Romas, adding that the book contains 107 of her grandmother’s best. recipes.

Profession – from a young age

“Cooking has been my passion since I was young, my favorite activity throughout my life. Since there were six children in our family, my older sister went to kindergarten, and I stayed at home. Then I finished school and started working as a cook, I worked for 22 years. For a long time, I also prepared weddings, took various orders, worked in the kitchen without a day off,” laughs Biruta, adding that even though she sometimes gets bored of cooking, after a while she starts cooking again.

“Do you like to go to a cafe?” to the question, Biruta says that she does this very rarely, and her grandson laughs that his grandmother does not hesitate to eat fast food, such as kebabs or hamburgers.

“My favorite dishes are zeppelins and Kiev meatballs, but I cook everything I know in a row, and they are all delicious. Žemaiči pancakes, rolls and curds – I’m not really a picky eater,” says Biruta, who learned to cook all the dishes from her mother, so the recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

So how do you make the tastiest zeppelins? Biruta says that first you have to try and then you will definitely succeed. “It takes experience. I myself failed the first time. Don’t worry if the first pancake is soggy – it happens to us too, but the more you make, the better.

Grated potato zeppelins are the best for me, so stick to starchy potatoes whenever possible. The recipes are very easy, so it’s very rare for our viewers to fail,” the woman laughed.

He says that the most important things in the kitchen are spices, most of which he grows himself: “Salt, pepper, basil, rosemary, marjoram, parsley, celery, thyme, dill, onion, garlic – these are my favorite spices. always be at home.” And I try to buy products from the market, because buying the same milk, butter, meat or eggs from a store and from the market is completely different.”

Rom says he loves all the food his grandmother cooks, but he doesn’t shy away from experimenting in the kitchen. “I really like the pizza I make – even my grandmother appreciates it, she just insists that I don’t make it spicy (to laugh). My grandmother and I tried many experiments in our channel, but Lithuanian dishes remain the most popular,” says R. Gauchas.

And what does Biruta do when he’s not cooking? “I’m looking forward to spring and being able to get out into nature. I am a village boy – I was born and raised in the village, so I like to spin not only in the kitchen, but also in the garden. I’m not afraid of earthworks, it’s a real pleasure for me,” says the grandmother.

Roma jokes that all the ailments and diseases of the grandmother will end in the spring: “Spring is like a magic elixir for the grandmother – the village will recover, all diseases will flee.”

A special bond between grandmother and granddaughter

A lot of attention is also paid to the relationship between Rom and his grandmother, which attracts many followers.

“We live next door, so we often meet my grandmother. Rarely, only when visiting the village in the summer. Of course, that connection was formed when we lived with our grandmother. “We were supposed to stay for a few months, but we stayed for 13 years,” says Romas.

That connection was formed even when our family lived with our grandmother.

Biruta, who has four grandchildren in total, laughs that she has found a person to teach her experience, and jokes that she taught her grandson how to mow. “My grandmother actually recruited me,” laughs Roma.

Since Biruta started filming, she has also received attention – people like to praise her, we tried her recipes and were satisfied with the results.

“We were at the hospital recently and I got compliments on the chicken,” says Biruta. And Roma adds that she is very grateful for every kind word, opinion and rating.

Arman – 100 thousand subscribers

“We have noticed that Lithuanian dishes are the most popular, but sometimes we experiment. It’s my dream, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I want to reach 100 thousand subscribers. Most of our recipes are translated into English and other languages, so we also get attention from abroad – people try to make and share Lithuanian food. For example, more attention was paid to zeppelins,” says Romas.

Are there any failsafe foods? “Actually, my grandmother has been doing it for many years, so there are no gaps. However, if the recipe is new to us, anything is possible. We once tried to make beet candy from an Asian recipe. We seemed to be doing everything right, but the candy never froze. We tried three times and finally put the candies in a jar and in the fridge, but the result was nothing – one big hard candy,” laughed Romas.

He adds that the closest thing he promises to cook with his grandmother is roast beef. “We have so many ideas and thoughts – we’re more likely to run out of ideas to make than we are to run out of recipes to share,” says the grandmother-daughter duo.

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