Bowel Sweeper Salad – your body will thank you for it

“My friend found their recipe online. As written, his gut is like a broom. That’s how they were called – “Intestinal sweeper”. They contain a lot of fiber, fiber, vitamins and are very low in calories.

Such salads were encouraged to be eaten on days of liberation so as not to suffer from hunger.

And because it is so delicious, I eat it not only on days of release. Sometimes I change dinner with them, sometimes I take them to work for lunch.

“In a few weeks, I lost a few kilograms, my skin became more beautiful, and I felt great because of that,” says Diana from Kaunas, who shared the salad recipe.

The woman claims that this salad is easy, cheap and really tasty from ordinary products.

Maybe worth a try?

For the tempted, there are some variations on the same salad theme. Here are Diana’s recipes.

Bowel cleaner salad

You will need:

a quarter of a small cabbage;

green beetroot;

green carrot.

Grate everything, mix and sprinkle lemon juice and olive or linseed oil for better absorption of vitamins. Sprinkle with flax seeds.

With plums

If you want a fancy salad or if you are tired of the taste of ordinary salads, you can mix in prunes that stimulate the bowels.

Another salad option

Nuts and garlic can be mixed into the salad, and part of the cabbage can be replaced with sauerkraut, which is also very useful for the intestines.

This content was first published on January 1, 2019.

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