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Although sweet, corn is often eaten as a side dish to salty dishes or instead of a snack. According to Rimi’s health nutrition consultant, nutritionist Dr. Edita GavelienÄ—s, corn kernels are an intermediate option between cereals and vegetables, they contain a lot complex carbohydrates and fiber. After eating sweet corn kernels, insulin is not released quickly in the body, so the feeling of satiety lasts longer, which is ideal for those who like fast-opening sweets. However there are many ways to cook corn, a few simple tricks make the cobs soft and tasty – Rimi’s meat technologist Vidas Nadziejka shares his tips.

Health benefits of corn

In some countries, corn is as popular as potatoes in Lithuania. It is true that Lithuanians also like Mexican food more and try to cook corn at home.

“We usually thermally process corn kernels for a short time, so they retain many substances useful for the body – vitamins B and C, some carotenoids.” Yellow corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which support good vision, skin and mucous membranes, and ferulic acid is important for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and cancer. Interestingly, when corn kernels are boiled or fried, their taste becomes more pronounced, and, although vitamin C decreases, the amount of beta-carotene increases, so it can be said that heat treatment does not change its nutritional value. corn,” says Dr. E. Gavelene.

According to the doctor, corn is suitable even for people with celiac disease because it does not contain gluten. However, they should be used with caution by people with diabetes – even if a single corn does not raise blood sugar levels, you should be careful when eating other foods rich in carbohydrates.

How to cook them to be the most delicious

If the bottles are already turned upside down and soft, they can be put on thin skewers and fried. It is true that sometimes a hard center may remain after cooking. According to V. Nadzeyka, it is better to grill the corn kernels by constantly rotating them with tongs until they turn red. I like this seasoning because it combines the sweetness of the corn with the spiciness of the sauce. And if you want to marinate the beans before cooking, I recommend mixing oil, salt, minced garlic to taste, lemon juice, chili pepper, and any herbs you like. I do not recommend sprinkling kobs only with dry spices – it may burn during frying,” says the meat technologist, sharing his experience. If you want to save time, the expert advises to buy and taste pre-boiled, vacuum-packed, ready-to-cook corn in minutes.

Rimi offers delicious salads that will liven up any outdoor dinner menu.

Summer salad with corn, paprika and hot sauce

To make the grill you will need:

1 large corn;

1 sweet red pepper;

1 red onion;

2 tablespoons of olive oil;

salt and pepper to taste.

For the salad you will need:

80 g of feta cheese;

1 avocado;

100 g horseradish;

200 g of black beans.

For the sauce you will need:

6 tablespoons of olive oil;

1 lime;

0.5 pcs. hot pepper;

1 corner of Chalapa;

2 tablespoons of honey or agave syrup;

salt to taste.

Production process:

  1. Cut the pepper into wide strips, onion into large slices. Toss the corn, bell pepper and onion with a little oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
  2. Fry the prepared vegetables until soft. Let them cool. Then, with a sharp knife, cut the corn lengthwise from the stalk and cut it into large pieces.
  3. Cut the cheese into cubes of the required size. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Cut into desired size cubes.
  4. Put all the ingredients for the salad in a large deep bowl. Add the grilled vegetables and stir.
  5. Prepare the sauce. Squeeze lemon juice. Finely chop the hot and Chalapa peppers. Blend all sauce ingredients with an electric blender until smooth. Pour the dressing over the prepared salad and mix. Tasty!

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