For burger lovers – an original idea: a recipe without a bun exceeds all expectations

Grill expert Vilius Blaudavicius recommends making hamburgers with the popular chorizo ​​sausage, while Tomasz Rimidis offers another lesser-heard version of the hamburger, which he calls “potato.”

Vilius says on the show that cooking the food he cooks is really quite simple – it’s important to remember just a few basic rules that will become the secret to your delicious burgers.

“Don’t limit yourself to a standard bun. In this case, I chose hamburgers with chorizo ​​sausage, but they can be cooked with bacon, beef, other sausages or even mushrooms. You can put anything you like or find in the store,” Vilius encourages experimentation.

Burger with chorizo ​​sausages

Burger fans know that the perfect taste of this dish requires a good sauce. The chef also recommends making it yourself. Vilius also promises to share an unexpected method that can be used to melt cheese – and more importantly, what would a delicious hamburger be without cheese?

For those who love great burgers or those who refuse the usual bun, you should listen to another chef, Tom, who recommends making smoked “potatoes” with duck breast and mustard yogurt. True, for such an original dish, you will need to do “homework”. Before grilling everything, the chef will remind you about the other stages of the “potatoes” that require the oven.

This Sunday at 9.30am, watch the chefs create juicy burger masterpieces that will win everyone’s hearts. On TV3!

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