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According to Olga Suchocheva, director of fruit and vegetable purchasing at Rimi trade chain, which celebrates health month in April, buyers appreciate the locality, which is why Lithuanian long and short-fruited cucumbers can be found in supermarkets from March. Dietician Dr. Edita GavelienÄ— reminds that cucumber should be included in the daily diet due to its low calorie and nutritional properties.

Cucumber is an excellent source of fluids

Health nutrition consultant, nutritionist Dr. Editas GavelienÄ—, it is common to think that cucumber is a vegetable with a high water content, so its benefits are often underestimated. “The fact that cucumbers contain a lot of water is simply a wonderful feature, because it helps prevent dehydration. For some people, such as children, if they don’t want to drink a lot of water, or for the elderly, who find it more difficult to drink fluids, cucumbers can be a partial but really excellent source of fluids.

Due to its nutritional value and low calorie content, nutritionists recommend adding cucumbers to your daily diet. “Cucumbers contain vitamins K and C, some minerals: magnesium, potassium, manganese, are fat-free and low in carbohydrates, so you can enjoy them several times a day,” explains E. Havelien about the benefits of cucumbers.

“Cucumbers are a very important vegetable for people watching their weight, so they can be a great alternative for lunch or dinner.” The fiber in cucumbers prolongs the feeling of satiety, so you can cut them into straws and put them in a snack box. “When choosing quality cucumbers, you should pay attention to their uniform green color, yellow spots, bumps or skin defects,” advises the doctor.

Buyers appreciate the locality

According to Olga Suchocheva, director of Rimi’s fruit and vegetable purchasing department, although vegetables and fruits can be found in stores all year round, the peak of vegetable sales is observed in spring, when the weather warms up, and the demand for some products increases. increased up to 3 times compared to winter months.

The expert advises to store cucumbers in the refrigerator. “After bringing it home, wash the cucumbers and dry them well. Put them in the warmest part of the refrigerator – a drawer, so you can keep cucumbers fresh for up to a week. Few people know, but it is recommended to separate cucumbers from the smell of other food, because they tend to absorb them.

Rimi encourages you to eat healthy and shares a recipe for cucumber and radish salad.

Cucumber and radish salad with cottage cheese

For the dish you will need:

  • 2 pcs. short-fruited cucumber
  • 7 pcs. Radish
  • 4 pcs. onion letters
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 150 g of cottage cheese
  • 30 g radish sprouts

Production process:

Cut the cucumber and radish into thin slices. Cut the onion leaves into 5 mm long pieces.

Put cucumber, radish, and onion leaves in a bowl and mix. Season with salt and pepper. Top with curd and garnish with sprouts.

Tip 1. You can use Greek yogurt or cottage cheese spread instead of cottage cheese.

Tip 2. Salad can be seasoned with sunflower sprouts or coriander and dill.


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