Hesburger found bugs in the hamburger: the staff explained that it was the sauce

Armin from Kaunas shared an unpleasant story on Facebook.

“After buying a bacon burger I found creatures walking around in my lettuce, is this normal?”

What if a child eats such a hamburger without seeing the beetles? And poisoned, who remains guilty? Of course, parents, no one else,” complained the man.

According to Armin, it is not yet known what condition he will be in.

“I might have eaten some of those bugs too.” However, when I complained to the staff, she said it was the sauce. And everything is normal. Offered a refund or a new burger. And assured that everything is normal here.

But I gave up and just walked away. I don’t think it’s normal to see such pictures of food. Now I advise everyone to always check what you eat because you never know what you will find,” advised the man.

He said as many people as possible should know that Hesburger burgers are sold with beetle sauce.

“If I get poisoned by this sauce, I’ll definitely share another story.”

And I understand that everything happens to everyone. But food with such a mixture should not be on the market,” said the man.

There was no comment from the cafe

tv3.lt portal contacted the cafe where Armin had lunch. The employee who answered said he was busy and could not comment on the situation. But he said that those responsible will provide a written explanation.

The company later sent a statement to Hesburger International Development Director Ieva Salmela saying she regretted the situation.

“We apologize for the negative impression from the client.

Frillica lettuce used to make sandwiches is washed in restaurants. This process is done with great care and attention. Since lettuce is a natural product and insects can appear in its growing environment, there is a chance that they will get on the lettuce leaves.

Such deviations are usually observed at the initial stage of the salad washing process and can be eliminated. Thus, this situation is very rare in the final product. Although such a situation is very rare, it is very unpleasant, because such a product does not meet the quality standards set by us,” said the representative of the company.

He said that all employees have been informed about the case so that the natural product, such as lettuce, which is carefully and carefully washed, can be subjected to additional monitoring.

“We will try to avoid unpleasant situations in the future,” said I. Salmela.

Defective food products may be returned

The tv3.lt portal reminds you where to go after buying bad food products.

According to the State Food and Veterinary Service, buyers who have purchased low-quality food products have the right to demand the replacement of the product with the same quality product or to return the invalid product to the seller and demand a refund. money paid.

Buyers can exercise these rights if they have a receipt for the purchase of the goods and until the expiration date of the product. Non-compliant food products will be replaced or returned at the point of purchase. Therefore, the buyer should go to the store where he bought the low-quality food.

The buyer must send a written request and the product to the seller. The application must specify the defects of the product and the selected complaint (receipt of a food product of the same corresponding quality or refund). The purchase receipt must be attached to the application. If the seller does not agree with the buyer’s requirements, he must provide a detailed, substantiated written response within 14 days.

If an agreement is not reached with the seller, the buyer has the right to apply to the State Food and Veterinary Service. He can do this 24/7 toll-free at 8 800 40 403.

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