Lucina Rimgailė shares her recipe for cottage cheese and cheesecake – try it yourself

“When you get good products in your hands, you immediately get inspired to do something special with them, especially during the holidays,” says L. Rimgaile about the motivation to work in the kitchen.

In addition, the famous woman tries to live as stable as possible and goes to supermarkets only with a list of necessary goods.

Being disciplined in the kitchen helps her save food and not waste it, and it also helps her to learn more about healthy eating, which is the host of the shopping chain Rimi’s “Choose Health” educational show, which celebrates health month in April. Dr. nutritionist E. Gaveliene and tries different recipes.

Seasonal eating is good for health

Lucina, who is raising her son, naturally changes her diet depending on the season, so when spring comes, it is important to provide her winter-worn body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Most of them can certainly be obtained with food, so in the spring, a dessert maker’s house will naturally have an even greater variety of vegetables, salads, fruits and berries.

“Also, we often cook something on the grill, and dishes that we missed in winter are returning to the home menu, for example, cold cuts, various bruschettas, vegetable straws with hummus or spreads,” says Lucina.

The host of the show plans his purchases in advance – after creating a weekly menu, he often orders products online once a week, but he often improvises and chooses to eat according to his mood. True, in all cases, the family highly appreciates the quality of products.

“Since we don’t always eat only products that are considered healthy, we want them to be of good quality, good for the body and nature.

In the morning I allow myself to eat foods with more carbohydrates, and in the afternoon I choose a salad with pickles, fish or lean meat. In general, we practically do not eat fried food, but we do not refuse semi-finished products from time to time. Dr. Dr. Dietitian E. Gavelene advises to maintain diversity in the diet and avoid fanaticism,” says the entrepreneur.

The love of food production has returned

If you remember, Lucina has always liked to cook, but busy work in a dessert shop sometimes extinguishes the desire to experiment in the kitchen and look for new recipes: “Because of my work, I no longer felt the pleasure of cooking. cooking at home for a while, I even avoided it. And during the second quarantine, I was able to rest and sleep more, I only worked remotely, and I felt that my love for cooking had returned.”

The communication specialist says that he likes to cook food quickly and deliciously: “I don’t play with dumplings, dumplings, various little things that I make myself. Also, meat, except for poultry, is not my wealth. I’m not going to lie about it – I use various drugs, natural supplements, spices.”

Order and organization in the kitchen

Order in the home kitchen is very important for L. Rimgale. The woman believes that this helps to optimize and reduce food consumption: “When you clearly see how much and what products you still have, you plan your meals better and use them all.” I am one of those people who needs to be organized in the kitchen at home. I divide the food into different shelves in the refrigerator. I always keep old produce in the front of the fridge where it can be seen, and fresh produce in the back. I also keep order in the freezer – I sort the food, I only thaw frozen products as much as is needed to prepare the dish.

Lucina maintains organization and order not only in the refrigerator where perishable products are stored, but also in the kitchen cupboards. There are usually various products with a long shelf life – cereals and pasta, flour or canned goods, the famous woman advises to store them tightly and not to store them in large quantities.

L. Rimgailė shares her recipe for Curd and Cheesecake with Organic Jam and Nut Butter.

Curd and cheese cake

For the base you need:

  • 180 g of tea biscuits;
  • 80 g of almond flour;
  • 80-100 g butter;

Grind cookies, mix with nut flour and melted butter. Line the bottom of the baking dish with this mass, press down and put it in the refrigerator.

For curd and cheese mass you will need:

  • 3 packages of cottage cheese;
  • 400 g of cream cheese;
  • 1 orange peel;
  • 140-150 g of sugar;
  • 3 large eggs;

All products should be at room temperature. Mix them with a whisk or shake them briefly with a whisk.


Spread a layer of peanut butter and desired jam on the base. Pour curd and cheese mixture on top and bake for about 1 hour. at a temperature of 160 degrees. Once cooled, refrigerate overnight. Tasty!

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