Rotten fruits and vegetables are sold in Kaunas market

On July 16, VMVT inspectors visited “Urmas” shopping center and Šilainja market in Kaunas.

During the inspection, a number of violations were revealed: damaged fruits were sold, some products without purchase documents, proper storage conditions were not provided, therefore, the sale of some products was prohibited due to the danger to the health of consumers.

“Unfortunately, there is still a widespread perception that hygiene or food safety requirements can be neglected when trading in an open market, because trading takes place in the open air. During the last inspections, we registered serious violations: it was found that fresh fruits of poor quality and even with signs of spoilage were on sale, many labeling violations, fermentation products were kept at too warm temperatures, and product tracking was not ensured.

Low-quality products are no longer available to consumers, but we encourage sellers to act responsibly,” said Daiva Švelniene, Director of VMVT Kaunas Department.

During the inspection, it was found that various types of pre-packaged cabbage were sold in the fresh fruit and vegetable department in violation of the storage conditions specified by the manufacturer, because the labeling information of these products states that fermented cabbage should be stored at a temperature. From 0 to +6 °C or from 0 to +10 °C, however, it was stored at +22.3 °C.

Pickles from buckets are not marked, the expiration date is unclear, documents confirming the purchase are not presented, there is no way to determine the origin and manufacturer.

It was also shown that Lithuanian strawberries and potatoes were sold in the markets, but no supporting documents were provided. This is clearly misleading to consumers.

After the inspections, a case on an administrative offense will be initiated, and appropriate administrative measures will be applied to the responsible persons.

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