Summer is watermelon season: tips on how to recognize sweet and juicy fruits on sale

Although not fat-free, watermelon increases appetite

According to the nutritionist, Dr. Edita Gavelienė, watermelons are the most useful for the human body due to their liquid content – about 90 percent. this fruit is made of water.

“Watermelon contains B vitamins necessary for energy production. They contain vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. 100 g of watermelon contains about 21 calories, 4.5 g of carbohydrates (0.5 g of fiber), 0.4 g of protein and exactly 0 g of fat. Therefore, watermelon is perfect for adding to salads, they go well with dairy products or other fruits. This is a very good component to diversify the taste,” says Dr. E. Gavelene.

Edita Havelien

Edita Havelien

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However, the nutritionist warns that watermelon has one negative feature: “Watermelon has a high glycemic index, which means that this product increases appetite, and it is more difficult to control the feeling of satiety. Therefore, people with diabetes or those who control their appetite should know this property of watermelon and consume this fruit in moderation.”

According to Dr. E. Gavelienės, watermelon can perfectly diversify the diet, but it should not be the only choice of fruits. If a smoothie is made from watermelon, such a drink should be consumed in moderation, according to the press release.

How to distinguish a ripe watermelon?

We all want the fruit we buy to be sweet, juicy and well-ripened – there are a few tricks to help you distinguish between these.



“A ripe watermelon always has bright red flesh and dark brown or black seeds. At this time, the flesh of an unripe watermelon will have pale stripes. The flesh of an overripe watermelon looks dry, too floury, and its seeds fall off. The shape of an uncut watermelon should be smooth, firm and symmetrical. If it’s firm, it’s juicy and ripe. A bright orange spot on the side of the watermelon means it is ripe. A dark green watermelon should be red inside and sweeter,” says Rumi’s product manager Ruta Geniene.

He advises to refrigerate watermelon from the store: “Cut watermelon can be kept cooler – up to 10 °C, and cut watermelon should be kept at room temperature as little as possible and consumed immediately. maybe.” “Cut watermelon in the refrigerator will last longer, but it may lose a bit of flavor because the fruit loses its flavor when it’s stored inside.”

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