The chef shared a recipe for a perfect cold soup: on a hot summer day, it competes with a cold

This time, Tom, a connoisseur of historical cuisine, prepares a special dish – cold sorrel soup with smoked chicken meat.

Interestingly, Tom even uses chicken parts in several different ways to make the soup. He puts chicken wings in the soup and smokes the thighs on the grill.

“I don’t use potatoes or other simple ingredients in the soup. I’ll tell you a secret – our kumquat is creamy, puree, and you can even drink this soup – cold, for refreshment, with ice,” T. Rimidis shares his secrets.

The celebrity says that he always prepares this dish in his restaurant – the chef admits that fresh sorrel soup is perfect for him.

Cold sorrel soup with marinated chicken thighs.

Cold sorrel soup with minced chicken


500 g of water

300 g of cream

200 g of chicken wings

200 g of white wine

200 g of sorrel

100 g of onion

100 g of celery

100 g of parsnips

20 g of garlic

20 g of greens (thyme, rosemary, sage)

salt to taste

pepper to taste

ice as needed


300 g of chicken thighs

20 g of fennel oil

salt to taste


50 g of tomatoes

20 g of bean sprouts

10 g of fennel oil

Production process:

  1. First, a variety of finely chopped vegetables and herbs are cooked in a pot. At the same time, we also fry chicken wings tied with string.

  2. After 10 minutes, pour the wine. Add water after another 5 minutes. Then we continue to boil for another 15-20 minutes. At the end, the last accents are added – spices, sorrel are added, everything is seasoned with cream.

  3. After the soup boils, we mash it with an electric blender. After that, we pass it through a sieve, and then the soup is additionally cooled with ice.
  4. Then we start cooking chicken. The thighs are marinated with delicious fennel oil. We put the prepared chicken thighs on the grill and smoke them here for about 15-20 minutes. Then we move on to the presentation – the chicken is cut into small pieces, and they are salted.
  5. Finally, we also prepare the vegetables – use the fennel oil that we used to marinate the tomatoes and again to cook the chicken. We can also prepare nutritious bean sprouts.
  6. The last step is to put the bowl together. Tomato and smoked chicken should be in the middle of the plate. Later we pour cold soup and ice on them. Tasty!
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