The chef showed how easy it is to make a juicy classic burger: it’s important to know two things

In recent years, Lithuanians have become more and more daring to cook popular dishes themselves at home, on their own grill. On the opening day of the biker season, Linas Peluritis, the head chef of the Burger Street restaurant in Benediktos Turguje, demonstrated how to make the classic burger that all Lithuanians love.

The two most important things

He says that aside from the ingredients, there are two important details that few people think about.

First of all, it is the charcoal that is used to cook hamburger meat, which people often choose incorrectly.

“To be leafy, it is better to choose coal as large as possible: it will smell and heat better. The grill should be very hot. Burger meat, like steak, should be cooked at about 220-250 degrees. A mistake is often made – people buy ordinary coal, which is fine. When they are small, combustion does not get enough air. The coals collapse together, there’s no air, the fire suffocates, there’s no temperature, and then you can cook at a very long and boring low temperature, and you cook the meat to a point where it doesn’t feel,” he explains.

Before placing the meat on the grill, the chef opens the grill slightly and lets in more air to get more heat. Only then they start roasting the meat.



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The second important aspect is the beef itself. If you’re making it yourself, you should choose beef neck or brisket, as the malt from the ham will be too dry. “To get a juicy burger, the meat content should be about 20 percent. fat, because beef tastes exactly like fat. Therefore, the most valuable bulls, which accumulate the largest amount of fat in the intermediate layers, turn out to be marble. Therefore, the meat should be beef, not beef”, he emphasizes, and talks about the further process of malt preparation:

“One of the top tips to prevent a burger patty from falling apart is to marinate the ground meat for a few hours before cooking. You need to mix salt and pepper, if you want, you can add coarse mustard. My secret ingredient is Worcestershire sauce, which has plums and garlic in it – it adds a beautiful accent,” says the chef.

He says that because the salt and fat hold the meat together, it’s easy to make a patty. “To harden it, you need to press it and keep it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. When the meat is ground and mixed, it heats up and fat comes out, if we keep it cold for a while, it hardens and keeps its shape. “That’s what it takes to make a juicy and unbreakable burger,” he assures.

Classic burger: what it needs

A classic hamburger

A classic hamburger

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For a classic burger you will need:

– Ground beef;
– butter brioche buns;
– a slice of fermented or Cheddar cheese,
– salad pieces,
– tomato,
– marinated cornini,
– onion,
– mustard mayonnaise sauce,
– ketchup
– salt, pepper

How to cook minced meat?

L. Pelurit points out that as soon as the poison is placed on the grill, it must be covered somehow.

“You should try to keep as little meat as possible. If we start translating a lot, we lose a lot of juice. Do not press the meat, I recommend frying it 70%. the first half you add (about 4 min) and the 30% second side (about 2 min). “Most of the time, I prepare and serve a medium-fried patty, if necessary – it can be completely fried, but such a burger is considered spoiled,” says the interviewer.

About a minute before the end of cooking, a slice of cheese is added to it, which melts beautifully into the meat.

While the ground beef is cooking, the half beef should also be lightly browned Brooch grill the bun so that the surface is crispy and the sauce doesn’t sink deep into the bun.

Mustard mayonnaise sauce is poured on one side of the bun, tomato, onion and pickled cucumber slices are added. Ketchup is poured on the other side of the bun. The prepared malt is placed on top of the vegetables and “covered” with the other side of the bun.

The chef showed how easy it is to make a juicy classic burger: it's important to know two things

© DELFI / Orestas Gurevichius

“I recommend squishing it a little and eating it a little upside down – you’ll get the least amount of smearing,” the chef laughed. Tasty!

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