The gourmet festival invites you to taste hamburgers at Tymos Market in the capital. Food

Now in its eighth year, the Gourmet Hamburger Festival typically draws several thousand people each year, and this year, a large crowd of diners is expected.

Photo of the organizers. /Vilnius Burger Fest

“At this year’s festival, we will clearly see how street food and burger culture has flourished in recent years. It’s understandable that the past year or two has been tough for all of us who cook. But these food carts have the advantage of being flexible and inventive. “It’s interesting that in Lithuania, street food and burgers are of very high quality – probably because of the picky eaters,” said the organizer of the festival, “Jump!” Agency representative Karolis Bakutis. in a press release.

The global gourmet hamburger trend began several decades ago and was a response to fast food chains. Gourmet hamburgers arrived in Lithuania more than ten years ago.

Žygimantas Gedvilas/BNS photo/Vilnius Burger Fest moment

Žygimantas Gedvilas/BNS photo/Vilnius Burger Fest moment

The burger makers strive to use high-quality, locally grown produce. In addition, food components are often prepared using non-mass production methods – for example, chefs ferment, marinate, smoke, order special buns, etc. The combination and presentation of ingredients also reflects the ingenuity of the kitchen, their signature tricks. More than 7 thousand people come to the festival every year.

Photo of the organizers.  /Vilnius Burger Fest

Photo of the organizers. /Vilnius Burger Fest

This year, everyone can choose from more than 30 different burgers – vegetarian and meat. At the same time, festival goers are encouraged to enjoy themselves responsibly rather than competing to see who can eat the most or the fastest.

“Vilnius Burger Fest” will be held on August 10 at Vilnius Timos market (Maironio/Aukštaičių str.). from 11.00 to 23.45. Entrance to the festival is free.

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