The heat continues – vegetarian dinner: 3 recipes that are not just for vegetarians

Hot days are the perfect opportunity to enjoy light, vegan vegetable dishes. Healthy zucchini noodles, vegetable bowls with rice, cold soups – cooking every day will revive vegetarians and all foodies alike. Moreover, easy vegetarian or vegan meals are very easy to prepare at home. And especially now, when we enjoy harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits. Vaida Budriene, communications manager of the Iki shopping chain, says that Lithuanians are eating more vegetables, following dietary trends, and flexible eating is gaining popularity among shoppers.

“Vegetables and fruits are an integral part of the daily basket. Especially the goods grown in Lithuania attract special attention from buyers: for example, we can now order fresh Lithuanian potatoes, carrots, blueberries, onions, apples, other fruits, berries and vegetables. Freshly harvested figs from exotic countries have recently hit the shelves. For customers in a hurry, we also aim to offer ready meals suitable for flexitarians and vegetarians. This summer, we offered pilaf with soy, which attracted the attention of buyers,” says V. Boudriene.

Provide the body with fiber

Vilma Juodkazyene, a representative of the “Iki” trade chain, says that it is important to add a lot of fruits, vegetables, and cereal products to the diet. Because they are rich not only in antioxidants, but also in fibers necessary for the body.

“Fiber is multifaceted for our bodies, it also gives us a feeling of satiety. The best way to get more fiber is to eat a variety of fruits and berries. Seeds are also great snacks. Don’t forget to add them to salads or stews, and maybe bring them to work with almonds or other nuts. Always choose whole grains instead of split and refined grains. Try Bolivian pigeon, barley, brown rice or bulgur wheat. Eat more avocados, start your morning with oatmeal, cook lentils and beans more often. “Don’t forget to drink enough water,” he says.

Don’t go crazy with soups and grilled vegetables

A variety of soups are also great on a hot day. And it doesn’t matter if you cook them hot or cold.

“Soups are easy to digest, rich in water and an excellent source of minerals and electrolytes. Depending on the products used and the cooking method, they can give you the vitamins you need on hot summer days. If you are tired of traditional cold soups, you can also make cold cucumber or zucchini soup. Their light flavor can be enhanced with fresh mint leaves, and adding a little sour cream or pumpkin seed oil makes them rich and full. If you still choose to make hot soups. Complement them with spicy ingredients. “Ginger and hot pepper stimulate sweating, which cools the body,” says V. Dzhuodkazyene.

Of course, lunch or dinner outside cannot be imagined without grilled food. However, on a hot day, it’s better to cook vegetables instead of a traditional barbecue. For example, kebabs made of fried tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, onions and peppers are very tasty and easy and quick to prepare. Roasted eggplant or peppers can also be turned into a delicious cold side dish, according to an Iki representative. Marinate eggplant with garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, peppers with garlic and vinegar and serve.

V. Juodkaziene shares some more vegetarian recipes that are perfect on a hot day.

Lemon lentil soup

You will need:

1 lemon

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

2 carrots

1 liter of vegetable broth

250 g of lentils

1⁄2 head of cabbage

5 g of fresh coriander leaves

olive oil

a pinch of ground cumin

a pinch of turmeric

a pinch of salt

a pinch of ground black pepper

We produce:

Heat the olive oil in a large pot. Add chopped onion and carrot. Season with salt and pepper and cook until the vegetables are tender. Add chopped garlic cloves, cumin and turmeric to the pan. Pour vegetable broth into the pot, add lentils and cook for 35-40 minutes. Add the chopped cabbage to the pan and cook for another 5 minutes. Squeeze in the lemon juice and taste – add additional salt and pepper if needed. Serve soup garnished with cilantro and lemon wedges.

Zucchini Pasta with Mint

You will need:

350 g of zucchini

100 g of grated parmesan cheese

2 c. sh. lemon juice

1 year olive oil

2 c. sh. mint leaves

a pinch of salt

a pinch of ground pepper

We produce:

Wash the pumpkin and cut it into thin, spaghetti-like strips using a spiral cutter. Add olive oil, lemon juice and mint leaves, season with salt and pepper. Mix everything well and sprinkle generously with freshly grated cheese.

Buddha Bowl with Ballwin Dove

You will need:

100 g of Bolivian pigeon

100 g cooked tofu

1 avocado

1 kiwi

100 g of radish

2 green tomatoes

1 lime

100 g small spinach leaves

1 fresh cucumber

2 c. sh. chopped mint leaves

For spraying:

1st century light sesame seeds

1st century black sesame seeds

2 c. sh. pine nuts

For the sauce:

1st century Dijon mustard

100 ml of olive oil

a pinch of Himalayan salt

½ lemon juice

We produce:

Put the ingredients for the sauce in a jar, cover it and shake it vigorously. Wash and cook Bolivian pigeon according to package directions. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and peel. Finely chop or grate the radish, peel and halve the kiwi, cut the tomato, cucumber and lime into slices, and the tofu into cubes. Put the vegetables, fruits, cheese, Bolivian pigeon powder, spinach and mint leaves in a bowl, pour the prepared sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds and pine nuts.

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