Very tasty and juicy – prepare Greek marinades for meat, fish and vegetables: the ingredients are found in every kitchen.

“Lithuanians want to experiment in the kitchen and try the food of other countries that they find during their travels. We notice that ingredients inspired by the cuisine of different countries often appear in the baskets of customers, so we have prepared a wide selection of them: from cheeses found in the Mediterranean countries – feta, mozzarella – to ingredients for sushi, Asian pasta, or various delicious sauces,” says Vaida. Boudriene, communication manager of the “Iki” trade chain.

Preparing Greek marinades is easy and versatile

According to Vilma Juodkazienie, representative of the Iki chain, sometimes it is enough to try spices or marinades specific to that country to enrich your favorite dishes with a variety of flavors. For example, simple ingredients used for various marinades in Greece can be found in every kitchen: lemon juice, quality olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs.

“The use of Greek marinades is very versatile. They can be used to marinate poultry, fish, beef or lamb, and even vegetables. Additionally, Greek marinades can be used as a dressing for fresh salads or roasted vegetables. Greek-style marinated meat, fish or seafood are perfectly combined with various side dishes that Lithuanians love – potatoes, salad, rice or pasta,” says V. Juodkaziene.

The expert says that one of the most important ingredients of Greek marinades is Greek oregano, which the Greeks call “rigani”. It is this herb that gives an expressive taste that transports you to warm and sunny Greece. In this country, thyme, Greek yogurt, red wine vinegar or honey are also used to prepare marinades.

The best flavor comes from taking your time

According to V. Yuodkazienie, marinades for meat are used not only to give a special taste and aroma, but also for juiciness.

Very tasty and juicy - prepare Greek marinades for meat, fish and vegetables: the ingredients are found in every kitchen.

“We marinate the food when we want to cook it so that the product loses moisture. “Grilling dries out the produce, so by marinating we add more flavor and moisture to the food to make it tender and juicy,” he says.

According to him, when preparing marinades with a special taste, you need to plan ahead. It is recommended to marinate meat, poultry or fish for a sufficiently long time: 2-4 hours for beef, 2 hours for chicken or fish. Marinated meat should be stored in the refrigerator. Remember to never reuse marinades or sauces that have come into contact with raw meat, poultry or fish.

V. JuodkazienÄ— shares several recipes for Greek-inspired marinades that you can easily adapt in your kitchen.

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