We cook outdoors: grilled fruits will delight you with an unexpected taste and diversify your weekend diet (recipe)

Grilled vegetables are becoming more popular, but grilled fruit is still a novelty, although this option allows you to experience an interesting taste. Vidas Nadzejka, a meat technologist at Rimi shopping center, says that you can fry fruits on fire to the desired consistency: “If you want it to be soft, cook it longer, if you want it to be harder, cook it for a short time. There are no hard and fast rules, just find what you like.” Usually, pears are baked in the oven with blue cheese, nuts and honey for dessert, but grilled pears will delight you with even more nuances of taste. will be one of the healthier options at that time. Health nutrition consultant, nutritionist Dr. Edita Havelien, First of all, pears are valued for vitamins B, C and K, copper and potassium minerals, fiber, so do not forget to include them in your diet.

Fruits for cooking should be well ripe

According to Vidas Nadzejka, Rimi’s meat technologist and grill enthusiast, all fruits can be grilled: “Fruits do not need to be soaked or marinated, it is important that they are fresh and well cooked. It all depends on what we like. For example, bananas can be cooked with or without the peel. Also, when baking fruit, I recommend wrapping it in foil and sprinkling it with brown sugar or powdered sugar. In this way, the sugar will caramelize with the released juice, and it will taste even better,” the expert shares his advice.

Sweet fruits can be served as a dessert, and more acidic ones can be served as an accompaniment to meat or fish. But there is also a lot of room for experimentation: during the upcoming summer weekends, you can try many options, with whom and what to combine. “The hour fried apple slices go well with meat, pears go well with chicken, and citrus fruits go well with fish. All fried fruits are ideal with yogurt, cream, ice cream. In addition, various fruit skewers look beautiful and are liked by diners. I would recommend cooking as much as you can eat at a time – it’s best to cook fresh when the fruit is still warm, as after a while they become limp and less juicy. – advises Vidas Nadzeyka.

Benefits of pears: when, how much and how to eat

It would be difficult to find a person who does not like pears – they are delicious both alone and in various baked dishes. True, the most useful is fresh, not thermally processed. According to the nutritionist, Dr. Editas Gavelienės, it is a seasonal fruit, so it is better to use them in season. “Daily amount of fruit is 200-300 grams, so if you want, you can get pears in this amount as well. It is true that they contain compounds that cannot be digested by the human digestive system, and if you eat them in large quantities, your stomach will swell, so it is better to limit yourself to one pear a day.

Sometimes we don’t know which is better: is it better to eat apples and pears with the peel or peel them? According to the nutritionist, Dr. E. Gavelienės, the skin itself is a good source of fiber. “Of course, if this pear is brought from far away, it is quite possible that it will be covered with fruit wax, and the more it enters the human body, the more difficult it is for digestion. Therefore, if these pears are imported or long-stored varieties, it is better to peel them,” advises the nutritionist doctor.

There are different varieties of pears – hard and soft. Which is better for health? “Everybody has their own choice here, that’s right the riper the fruit, the more fructose it contains. The method of consumption of pears usually depends on the firmness of the pear. As a rule, slightly soft pears are only intended for eating, and hard pears are often used as a salad ingredient, they can be cooked in the oven or on the grill, “explains Dr. E. Gavelene.

We have heard that fruits should be eaten after a while, not after a meal. Is this true? Dietician Dr. Edita Havelien recommends following the correct logic: “We must not forget that our stomach has a certain capacity. If, for example, we eat a salad with pears, then there is no need to eat them separately from the salad. But if we want to eat a pear as a dessert, in this case we need to estimate the size of the stomach. If the part of the food eaten earlier is normal, then this part of the fruit, in this case pear, should be replaced in the next meal. The most important food regulator is stomach volume. It is necessary to make an effort not to exceed it.”

Rimi offers grilled pears with cottage cheese, honey and nuts – a delicious and healthy dessert!


For the recipe you will need:

6 pears;

350 g of cottage cheese;

100 g of walnuts;

7 tablespoons of honey;

several sprigs of thyme;

Production process:

  1. Wash the pears, cut them in half and remove the seeds with a spoon.
  2. Heat a frying pan to medium heat. Place the pears inside (with the seeds) on the grill first. Bake for 20 minutes. Then turn the pears outside and cook for another 10-15 minutes.
  3. Once cooked, remove the pear halves from the grill and place on a plate. Put cottage cheese in the holes, sprinkle with chopped walnuts, drizzle with honey and serve. Garnish with fresh thyme.


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