When the autumn harvest of Lithuanian potatoes is in full swing, an expert advises how to store them and what to do (recipe)

Although Lithuanian dishes made from potatoes are still a popular choice, they eat less because of the fear of carbohydrates. Health nutrition consultant, nutritionist Dr. Edita Gaveliene observes that the potato is demonized for no reason: whether it is a healthy food or not depends only on the way it is prepared and the amount consumed. Mariana Markeviciene, product manager of the Rimi retail chain, reminds us that potatoes are not only the most popular, but also one of the cheapest vegetables, so you can save a lot of money by creatively preparing dishes from their various varieties.

Useful properties of potatoes

Health nutrition consultant, nutritionist Dr. E. Gavelienės, although potatoes actually contain about 18%. carbohydrates, they are complex and the starch in this vegetable is perfectly digestible and provides the necessary energy. “Potatoes used in quantity bring many benefits to our body. They contain various mineral substances – potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, as well as various vitamins and fibers. It is interesting that 100 g of potatoes contain 15 mg of vitamin C,” says E. Haveliene about the benefits of potatoes.

As with the consumption of many products, when eating potatoes, the nutritionist warns not to forget about moderation and variety in the diet. According to E. Havelien, potatoes should not exceed a quarter of the plate, and other vegetables, fresh salads, fish or lean meat can be served next to them. In addition, it is important to prepare this vegetable correctly – it is better to eat baked or baked potatoes without additional oil. 100-200 grams of potatoes prepared in this way can be consumed per day.

Potatoes boiled in the oven or fried without fat can be eaten both for lunch and dinner, but if they are mashed potatoes, tortillas or zeppelin made from additional, usually very fatty ingredients, such foods slow down the digestion process and prolong digestion. a sense of satiety – they are not suitable for eating in the evening, – says E. Haveliene and says that, compared to the nutritional value of potatoes, they do not contain harmful substances. – It is true that if potatoes sprout or are not stored properly, it contains solanine and has a negative effect on health. So, if green spots are visible after peeling the potato or the potato has started to turn blue, it should not be eaten.

Different varieties of potatoes for different dishes

According to Mariana Markevicien, product manager of the Rimi chain, sometimes a potato dish can go wrong not because of a lack of skill in the kitchen, but because of choosing the wrong type of potato for the dish. When preparing certain dishes from this vegetable at home, the specialist advises choosing different varieties of potatoes.

In the Rimi range, we have different varieties of potatoes, which differ in appearance, taste and the amount of starch in the vegetable. We have types of potatoes that are perfect for making Lithuanian dishes – zeppelins, potato pancakes or potato plates, because they are much more starchy. We also have potato varieties for salads or roasting. These potatoes hold their shape well when cut and do not fall apart quickly. To make it easier for consumers to determine which potatoes are suitable for which foods, we label the information on the product packaging. In addition, we also use different color markings on prepackaged potato bags: we use green stripes for Lithuanian dishes, and soft purple stripes for salads and mixed dishes,” says M. Markevičiene.

The product manager says that US sweet potatoes are also quickly gaining popularity among buyers: “Although sweet potatoes are very different from the taste and appearance of the potatoes we are used to, many buyers are diversifying their diet with this type of potato. We have it too gourmand Oven and grill safe Rimi private label potatoes. Pre-packaged, washed, boiled and frozen potatoes in various cuts are also readily available.’

A shortage of Lithuanian crops is inevitable

The expert says that some buyers buy more potatoes in autumn and store them for later. However, this is recommended only for those who have enough space and suitable conditions to store potatoes at home. “The basements of apartment buildings are not suitable for storing potatoes because it is simply warm there. In order for potatoes not to sprout and turn green, the temperature in the cellar where they are stored should not be higher than 10 degrees Celsius. In addition, potatoes do not like temperature changes and large deviations,” warns M. Markevichyene.

According to the product manager Rimi, there was no shortage of Lithuanian potatoes this year: “When the old crop of potatoes started to run out in the spring, fresh potatoes quickly appeared and made us happy all summer. The first phase of Lithuanian early potatoes started in May, and now late varieties of potatoes are dug in September. They are always bigger than the old ones. In the fall, buyers look for promotions on unwrapped Lithuanian potatoes, which are always the most popular. Therefore, those who do not have the opportunity to store more potatoes at home can be calm – there will be no shortage of potatoes in supermarkets until spring,” the expert assured.


“Rimi” offers you to cook sweet potato pancakes: on autumn days, you want delicious dishes.

For pancakes you will need:

2 larger sweet potatoes;

1 piece. onions;

2 pcs. eggs;

2 tablespoons of flour;

2 teaspoons of salt;

A pinch of black pepper;

1 tablespoon of basil;

1 teaspoon of hot pepper powder;

1 teaspoon of garlic powder.

To provide the service you need:

2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt;

Onion letters.

Production process:

  1. Peel and grate the sweet potato.
  2. Add the minced onion.
  3. Add eggs, flour and all spices, mix well.
  4. Pour oil into the pan so that it covers the entire bottom evenly. Use a spoon to make small pancakes. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side. Serve with Greek yogurt and chives.


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